Timesheet Management

When you’re running a contingent workforce everything revolves around timesheets and approvals. So you’re going to want a system that makes those easy and fast for your contractors and your clients – and gives you full visibility of the process.

Timesheet Management | Invoxy

Online Timesheets

Timesheets have never looked so good! Flexible time entry options make it easy for everyone.

One-Click Approvals

Making approvals simple for your clients speeds up the process so you can invoice them faster.

Complete Visibility

Quickly see the status of all timesheets and approvals.

Online Timesheets

Beautiful, Intuitive Timesheets

Your contractors will love the simplicity of recording timesheets in Invoxy. They can enter the full details – start, break and end times – or just the total duration for each day. It’s easy to copy or edit time entries, view the approval status and even copy the previous week’s timesheets in a single click. Keep it simple or let contractors record time for different types of work to track the time spent on different projects or jobs.

Fast Admin Time Entry

Still receiving paper timesheets from some clients? No problem. It’s quick and easy for your agency to enter time into Invoxy as well. View a week at a time and enter the total number of hours or days worked by each contractor. Filter by client or placement and even enter bulk time entries for multiple contractors working the same shift.

Easy Bulk Time Entry
Time Approval

Easy Client Approvals

Make things simple for your clients by letting them approve timesheets in a single click from an email. Once contractors request approval for their timesheets your client will receive an email and they can see the full timesheet details, approve or decline and add notes – all without having to login. Your clients will love you for it!

Full Audit Trail

Invoxy keeps a record of all pending and approved requests. See when the request was sent by the contractor, when it was approved and who approved it. Attaching this detail to your invoices removes any questions or issues that could delay payment.

Historical Time Approvals
Attach Timesheets to Invoices

Attach timesheets to invoices

If you’ve got clients who aren’t ready to go online or send you timesheets from another source you can easily attach them to your invoices. However you manage the timesheet and approval process, attaching the details to the invoice results in fewer queries and faster payment.

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