Connect Invoxy with APositive

Keep on top of your cashflow with fast access to a range of innovative financing solutions.

Integrate and share invoices and approval records with APositive so they can quickly approve financing and help your agency grow.

Invoxy Integration - APositive

What is Invoxy?

Invoxy is placement management software for recruitment companies.

  • Boost cash flow and reduce back-office costs by combining timesheets, client approvals and invoicing in one powerful agency-branded cloud application.
  • See revenue, gross margin and commission calculations in real time, for every hour worked by a contractor or temp.
  • Suitable for both white and blue collar agencies, Invoxy also takes care of invoicing and commission for permanent placements.
Invoxy | Placement management software for staffing agencies
Invoxy Integration - APositive

What is APositive?

APositive Workforce Finance provides Payroll Funding & Invoice Finance solutions exclusively designed for the recruitment, contracting and labour hire industry.

  • Up to 100% funding to cover payroll and more.
  • Advanced technology allows for quick & easy access to funding.
  • Integration with Invoxy to relieve you of all your back office headaches.
  • Flexible pricing options to suit any Recruitment / Labour Hire business.
  • No upfront fees or fixed contract.
  • Perm Fee funding to help boost your cash flow.


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