Smart Reminder Messaging

Chasing up overdue timesheets and approvals doesn’t need to take hours. View timesheet status at a glance and send bulk reminder emails from saved templates to keep things moving.

Invoxy Feature - Smart Messaging

Timesheet Status

See the status of every time entry created in Invoxy.

Email Templates

Save templates with your branding and wording to send in different scenarios.

Bulk Reminders

Filter and select a group of people and send them all a customised email.

Invoxy Feature - Messaging - Approve Time

Keep Approvals Moving

The faster your contractor timesheets are approved the faster you get paid. With Invoxy you can see at a glance where every timesheet is in the approval process, including those which are yet to be submitted.

Filter With Ease

Powerful filter and search functionality lets you drill down to see the status of any timesheet entry in a week.

Invoxy Feature - Messaging - New Message

Personalise Your Emails

Use placeholders to populate email templates and personalise the messages that you send to contractors and clients, even when they’re sent in bulk.

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