Recruitment Billing Made Easy

Fast, accurate client billing is critical to the success of your agency. Get paid faster and keep on top of your cash flow with Invoxy’s powerful and highly configurable online invoicing software.

Recruitment Billing Made Easy | Invoxy

Tailored for Each Client

Save templates for each client to ensure invoices meet their exact requirements.

Fast Bulk Invoicing

Create large batches of invoices from approved timesheets in just a few clicks.

Get Paid Faster

Email invoices direct to clients with timesheet and approval details attached for quick turnaround.

Custom Invoice Builder

Easy Template Builder

Create invoice templates for different clients, tailored to their exact requirements, with our highly configurable invoice builder. You have complete control over payment terms and the information that you want to display. Need a separate invoice for each contractor working for a client? Or a single consolidated invoice covering multiple contractors? No problem; we’ve got you sorted.

Volume Invoicing

Create dozens or hundreds of invoices in seconds. When you run an invoice batch, Invoxy creates as many invoices as it needs to, using the templates you’ve saved. Say good riddance to manual invoicing.

Bulk Invoicing
Accurate Time Recording & Billing

Always Accurate

Invoices are generated from approved timesheets so there’s no need for double entry or manual calculations. There’s no danger of undercharging clients as Invoxy will notify you of any uninvoiced time from previous billing periods. Just as importantly it won’t let you accidentally invoice a client twice for the same work.

Faster payment with timesheet attachments

Ensure your invoices are paid on time and without dispute by attaching timesheet and approval records. Just choose whether to include them by default in your invoice template, or even attach timesheets from different sources if you have clients who aren’t able to use Invoxy’s online timesheet and approval process.

Attach Timesheets to Invoices

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