NZ Payroll

Connect Invoxy with FlexiTime

Automatically send pay runs to your payroll software.

Send hours, work and pay rates for each Resource from Invoxy to FlexiTime for NZ payroll processing.

Invoxy & FlexiTime Integration

What is Invoxy?

Invoxy is placement management software for recruitment companies.

  • Boost cash flow and reduce back-office costs by combining timesheets, client approvals and invoicing in one powerful agency-branded cloud application.
  • See revenue, gross margin and commission calculations in real time, for every hour worked by a contractor or temp.
  • Suitable for both white and blue collar agencies, Invoxy also takes care of invoicing and commission for permanent placements.
Invoxy | Placement management software for staffing agencies
Invoxy Integration - FlexiTime

What is FlexiTime?

FlexiTime is online payroll software for New Zealand businesses. Easily pay your contractors and temporary staff and automatically send the payroll transactions through to Xero.

  • FlexiTime is an Inland Revenue approved payroll intermediary and is fully compliant with tax and holiday legislation.
  • Powerful cloud payroll with great mobile apps makes pay day quick and easy, even when you’re away from the office.
  • FlexiTime automatically calculates pay and holidays from online timesheets and work patterns.


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