Powerful Commission Calculations

There are many ways to calculate recruitment agency commissions. They mostly seem to involve complex spreadsheets, formulas and a wee bit of magic. Invoxy lets you track your consultant performance and automatically calculate commission based on your billing.

Powerful Commission Calculations | Invoxy


As placements are invoiced, commission is automatically assigned to the right consultant(s).


Sales and commission data are always visible to management and individual consultants, but highly secure.

Split Commissions

Assign multiple consultants to any placement to easily calculate split commissions.

Commission Motivation for Consultants

Motivate Your Consultants

Show your consultants all their key sales data so they know exactly where they stand. They can see revenue generated, margin and performance against target for the current month and year to date. Making their performance more visible motivates them to make more sales.

Flexible Setup

Build your commission plans based on placement type, sales group and target type. Add fixed and variable commission amounts for different target thresholds. Add multiple consultants to a single commission plan or multiple commission plans to any consultant. Whatever your commission secret sauce – Invoxy can probably handle it.

Flexible Commission Setup
Consultant Performance Tracking

Monitor Performance

Track the sales performance of each consultant on the commission performance dashboard. All revenue invoiced is automatically assigned to the consultant or consultants who made the sale. Key sales metrics and commission calculations are always visible to the right people, not hidden away in a spreadsheet.

Easy Commission Payments

Review commission earnings to date by each consultant, automatically populated based on the commission plans they’re assigned. Drill down to see the detail of how those payments were calculated across different plans and time periods and run a commission batch to create payment records.

Easy Commission Payments

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