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e-Invoicing is a new way to send and receive invoices directly via a dedicated secure global network. It means businesses can exchange invoices with no emails, pdfs or manual handling. Just accurate, secure invoices sent directly to your customers’ accounting software.

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Improved Cashflow

NZ Government agencies have adopted a target of paying 95% of all e-invoices within 10 business days.

Direct & Secure

e-Invoices from Invoxy are exchanged via a secure global network protected by strict security protocols and encryption.

Greater Accuracy

The direct exchange of invoices between accounting systems means no more invoice processing delays due to data entry errors or lost invoices.

Faster Payments | Invoxy e-Invoicing

Faster Payments

No manual handling of your invoices means they get to the right place (and don't get lost or caught in a spam filter) and there are no errors – all helping to reduce delays in processing and payment of your invoices by your clients. NZ Government agencies have committed to paying 95% of e-Invoices within 10 days of receipt.

Better For Your Clients

Save your customers time and money. On average it costs a business $7.63 to process an e-Invoice, compared to $23.01 for a pdf invoice. e-Invoicing takes the admin out of paying bills, and reduces data entry for recipients.

Better For Your Clients | Invoxy e-Invoicing
Direct and Secure | Invoxy e-Invoicing

Direct and Secure

e-Invoices don’t get lost, minimise the risk of fake or compromised invoices, and reduce the chance of paper or PDF invoices being intercepted. Sender and receiver details are validated, audit logs kept, and strict protocols are followed to ensure invoices remain secure while they are sent across the network.

Improved Visibility

Track the status of your e-invoices. See when they've been received, if they've been approved for payment or if anything has gone wrong. Better visibility supports forecasting, planning and budgeting, and more accurate financial management.

Improved Visibility | Invoxy e-Invoicing

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